Stadium Seats at Vineyard Baseball Park on Sale

Looking for a stocking stuffer for Christmas? 

The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks have a number of projects going forward starting this weekend (December 15th) that will be completed by opening day in early June. The Sharks, the Vineyard’s summer collegiate baseball team, will be installing approximately 420 refurbished seats from the famous Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles, between the two dugouts behind home plate. To properly locate the seats the fence behind home plate will be moved in 12 feet giving you, the fan, the feel of being on the baseball field. One project still awaiting approval from the FAA is the installation of lights (the Martha’s Vineyard school system approved the installation of the seats, fence and lights last week), which will allow games to start at 7:00 PM….yes, night games on the Vineyard! 

An example of stadium-type seats

An example of stadium-type seats

Currently we have typical bleachers you find at a high school, i.e. there is no back support. The bleachers behind home plate will be replaced by the stadium seats. The remaining bleaches will become general admission seating.

We are selling transferable season passes that include the stadium seats. We will sell 200 of the 420 stadium seats as reserved seats. Seats will be assigned at purchase on a first come, first selected basis. The intent of this program is to help us defray our costs for the stadium seat project. How? The cost of a season seat is $150 per season for a two-season commitment with a third season free. Therefore the total cost is $300 per seat paid up-front. Each seat will be assigned a number with your name on the seat indicating that it is reserved for three years.

The stadium seat project will cost approximately $150,000, which includes the seats, the removal of and the reinstallation of the fence, the cement foundation, the riser structure and labor.

We need your help!

Layout of stadium seats

Layout of stadium seats


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  1. I want to buy 2 seats, How do I go about it?

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