Martha’s Vineyard Sharks

2013 Improvements to Vineyard Baseball Park



The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks presented four proposals to the Martha’s Vineyard School Board back in the fall. One of the four proposals was rejected, that being the replacement of the cyclone fence behind home plate between the two dugouts with a three-foot brick façade wall and traditional netting so that the fans would no longer have any obstruction watching a game. As a partial solution to the latter point, the fence will be realigned so that the horizontal bars will no longer be a sight impediment.

The Martha’s Vineyard School Board approved the following projects:

1.  Installation of lights so that we may play night games. After the approval we had to wait for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) approval, which was subsequently received at the beginning of February. We are now hoping that we will have the funding in place and that the delivery lead-time for the 80 and 70 foot light poles can be accelerated before the baseball season and be installed without affecting the varsity baseball team’s schedule, otherwise the installation would have to take place in 2014.

2.  Construction and installation of 420 refurbished seats from the famous Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles, between the two dugouts. Due to the overall cost of the projects we decided to reduce the number of seats to 280 with the intention of adding the remaining 140 seats in the future.

3.   Landscapingof the fan areas surrounding the baseball field.

Lights will be financed by a construction loan to the Sharks with the down-payment, which has already been committed, to be donated.

The construction and installation of seats and landscaping will be paid for by the Sharks’ ownership.

The Sharks need your support to purchase and install the stadium seats!

Currently we have typical bleachers you find at a high school, i.e. there is no back support. The bleachers behind home plate will be replaced with stadium-type seats (see ). The remaining bleachers will become general admission seating.


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