Ryan MorrisThe Martha’s Vineyard Sharks have decided to bring back players from their first two years of existence in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League to be assistant coaches. Both players are seniors no longer have eligibility for summer collegiate baseball. From the 2011 team starting catcher Anthony Corona from LIU Post will return to help Head Coach Mike Miller. Additionally the Sharks closer in 2011 and 2012, Ryan Morris from Presbyterian College, will be coming back. A series of questions was asked to Ryan to gain insight to his new role:

1) What do you see as the most positive impact you can bring as an assistant coach?

I believe that I have a lot to offer the players I will be working with on the Sharks from playing D-1 college baseball and from my experience in the FCBL these past two summer seasons.

2) How do you think you will feel about no longer being a player at a very young age?

I hope to play baseball as long as I can, but I am excited to possibly start my coaching career.

3) Will you have any regrets after playing college ball for 4 years?
Throughout high school and college I have worked as hard as I could and have given 100% so that I will not have any regrets after finishing my playing career.
4) What major league ball player did you model your playing style after?

When I played infield I modeled my playing style after Chipper Jones, but when I became a pitcher tried to model myself after Mariano Rivera.

5) What made you decide to become a reliever vs. a starting pitcher?
My college coach felt like I had the mental make-up to become a successful reliever.
6) How long have you been pitching?
I pitched through my days as a youth, but during high school my coach wanted me to focus on playing infield rather than pitching. However, after my freshmen year of college, I made the transition of becoming a pitcher.
7) Were you frustrated last season not getting to close all the time as you did in the first year?

My role as the closer for the first summer was very well defined unlike this past summer. Last summer other pitchers were given some of the closing opportunities.

8) Do you see yourself coaching professional ball in the future?

I am very interested in pursuing some career baseball operations positions in professional baseball.

9) What wisdom will you impart on the incoming players?

I would like to share some of my knowledge and experience on pitching mechanics, preparation and game situations.

10) What is your goal for the upcoming Sharks season?

I want to see every player I work with improve, have an enjoyable experience and have the team make a run for the FCBL Championship.

11) From your point of view, was the Futures Collegiate Baseball League a better league in 2012 vs. 2011?

I think the FCBL was an overall stronger league in 2012 because of a big jump in individual talent for each team.

12) Anything you would like to see changed in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League next season?

I hope to see the FCBL continue to grow and develop into one of the premier summer collegiate leagues in the country.


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