The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks baseball season is getting closer as construction is in full swing. The construction and installation of stadium-style seats from Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles, are almost complete. Kevin Keaney and his group of carpenters plus a group of volunteers from the community have performed an outstanding effort getting the platform and installation of seats completed in record time. The sale of reserved seats has taken off as the number of sales has exceeded 100 out of 282 total seats. I believe the reason being is that parents from the Babe Ruth League and the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School varsity boys baseball team have sat in the seats during their respective games and realized the comfortableness and fantastic sight lines to the baseball field are unparalleled with any high school in the state of Massachusetts.

What is next? The lights will be delivered the weekend of May 20th. Thanks to Rob Young and his staff  for stepping in at the last second to volunteer to develop a “power plan” for the lighting system to be installed. Electrician Steve Gallagher has volunteered to donate his time as well to work with Rob to install the lights upon delivery. Mark Crossland, owner of Crossland Landscape, is donating the landscaping that will add the final touch to this masterful collaboration of the above plans.

We are extremely grateful to all!

The only negative news right now is the need for host families. As of today, we have 11 Sharks players needing a home to stay during the 9-week baseball season. Please help us out!!! Call Doris Clark @ 508-693-5833 or 774-563-8752 or go to our website: for more information. Thanks to everyone and we look forward to opening day, which is Tuesday June 11th @ 6:00 PM!

Jerry Murphy General Manager & CFO


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