Futures League Releases 2014 Regular Season Schedule

Chelmsford, MA. – On Thursday, November 21, Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL) Commissioner Chris Hall released the 2014 FCBL regular season schedule. “It’s been a very exciting off-season for the Futures League as we’ve added another great owner and facility in Worcester, MA and our new ownership in Brockton. We continue to strengthen our franchises and have quickly become one the best leagues in the country. The 2014 season will be our best yet.” Opening day is set for Wednesday, June 4 and all 10 teams will be in action.

For the first time in league history the FCBL will feature two divisions.

The East Division will consist of:

  1. Old Orchard Beach,
  2. Seacoast,
  3. North Shore,
  4. Brockton and
  5. Martha’s Vineyard.

While the West Division will consist of:

  1. Nashua,
  2. Wachusett,
  3. Worcester,
  4. Pittsfield and
  5. Torrington.

The Sharks home games are listed below:


Each team will play a 56-game regular season schedule and is slated to play 28 at home and 28 away. The regular season will run from Wednesday, June 4 until Friday, August 8 immediately followed by the playoffs. The 2014 FCBL playoffs will feature six teams in a three-round format. The winner of the each division will have a bye in round one. The next four teams with the best overall record will be in a winner take all play-in game. The play-in games will be between the #3 and #6 seed, and the #4 and #5 seed. Teams will be seeded 1 through 6 based on over-all records. Round two will feature a 3-game series between the league’s #1 seed and the lowest remaining seed from round one, and between the league’s #2 seed and the highest remaining seed from round one. The FCBL championship will be determined by a final 3-game series between the two teams who won their semi-final round.

The 3rd Annual FCBL All-Star Game will be hosted this summer by the Brockton Rox. The game will be held on Thursday, July 24 at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton, MA. The Brockton Rox are owned and operated by Chris English and his corporation Peer Scout. “The Futures League far and away runs the best Scout Day and All-Star Game in the country. I look forward to attending next year,” said one Major League Scout.

The Futures League has quickly become one of the best leagues in the country. Consisting of well capitalized ownership groups in great communities with great facilities has allowed the Futures League to rise to the top. In addition, the Futures Collegiate Baseball League will provide a family friendly, affordable, and fun experience for the communities that we play in, in a minor league style setting. Learn more at http://www.thefuturesleague.com.

Media Contact: Chris Hall, futuresleague@yahoo.com, 617-593-2112

The Sharks will begin defending their well earned Championship on Wednesday June 4th at the Shark Tank located @ the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School.

Limited season tickets on sale; please call 508.687.9705 or order via the Sharks website www.mvsharks.com




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