As part of our long term commitment to the island community the MV Sharks are excited and proud to announce our plans to establish the Sharks Charitable Foundation. The SCF will be a 501c non-profit corporation and donors will be able to make tax-deductible gifts. The mission of the Foundation will be to:
1) Annually provide scholarship grants to two Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School seniors who are going on to play a sport in college.
2) Subject to NCAA rules, provide scholarships to two MV Sharks players at the end of each Sharks season.
3) Provide grants for upgrades of athletic facilities on the island, including the Shark Tank.
SGC will have a Board of Trustees and this board will select and invite five members from the community to form an awards committee. This committee will meet and determine who will receive the annual scholarships and grants; and, how much they will receive.
The initial funds to start the SGC are being provided by MV Sharks ownership. We will also be reaching out, on and off the island, for donations to help us build an endowment. As with the team we want the SCF to make an impact on Martha’s Vineyard for decades to come.

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