Young Sharks fans getting ready for today’s game.

Who are the Sharks? The team is a composition of players that come from the top collegiate baseball programs in the country preparing them to be drafted into Major League Baseball. If you want to bond, show your kids how a crisp game of baseball is played, see positive work habits, gain insight into how to balance baseball with academics and see tomorrow’s stars, then Shark Tank is the place to be during the summer!


5 responses to “About

  1. do they have local tryouts ?

  2. Do you guys need any help for a blog? I’ve been following the Sharks for the past couple of years and I come on the island every summer and I need something to do. I’m a dedicated sports fan and I write for the #1 high school news magazine in Ohio.

  3. No. However I will be on the island in July for a stretch in which I believe the Sharks have 4 or 5 home games. If you feel that you don’t want another writer who is just reviewing each game, I could do some series of op-ed pieces. I want to sharpen my writing skills, so why not do it with something I love.
    -Will Coleman

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